5 Great Packing Tips for Moving

Posted on Oct 15 2014 - 5:57pm by girlyadmin

Do you need some packing tips for moving?

Nobody really likes to move. It can be a great change and also fun to set up your new home, but actually packing things in boxes can be a pain. If you’re going to move sometime soon, we have 5 great packing tips for moving to help you out!

These tips for moving are great to help keep you organized and your stress level down. Be sure to look at all these tips for moving before you start packing up your old place.

1.  You know all that fun colored duct tape you see at the store? Well now it’s time to put it to good use! This is one of the best tips for moving to keep you organized. Buy the colored tape and designate a color for each room in your home. Once each room has its colored tape, mark each box with that color. For example: if you designate pink tape for your kitchen, make sure all your kitchen boxes have pink tape on them and are labeled. Now when you get to your new home, anything with pink on it goes straight to the kitchen.

colored duct tape

2.  Be smart about packing clothes. So your clothes stay organized, keep them all bundled together in a large trash bag. Just group a bunch of clothes together on the hanger and place the bag around them. Use a drawstring to tie a knot around the hangers. Label them with a designated color for what room they are in and you’re set!

packing clothes

3.  This tip for moving may seem like an obvious one, but it can be shied away from if you’re in a hurry or are just feeling lazy. Either way, be sure to wrap everything breakable! The last thing you want is to find a cherished item or something expensive broken after a stressful move. I like to grab a bunch of my towels and wrap breakables in that. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you wrap your breakables!

wrap breakables

4.  Whenever you take a furniture item apart, be sure to bag all the nails and screws that go with it. Taking down a photo? Bag all the nails you used to hang it with. You’ll save money and time later. And of course, don’t forget to color and label the bag appropriately so it stays with the correct room. I always tape the bag to the furniture piece they came from.


5.  Our last tip for moving is we suggest putting items that you plan to put away in storage into plastic bins. They’re much more sturdy for a basement, attic, garage, etc. I pack all my holiday decor in plastic bins and keep them in the attic. Of course they are all color coded and labeled as well. This benefit works for both the move and storage organization.


No need to stress anymore about moving. Just keep yourself organized with these 5 great tips for moving, and you’ll be set!