Top 5 Fitness Apps for Your Phone

Posted on Jul 24 2014 - 10:53am by girlyadmin

Fitness apps are great. They help motivate you and give you new ideas and workouts on the go. I know phones are usually discouraged in the gym and while working out, but this time you need to make an exception. I have personally checked out these apps myself and have them on my Iphone. They’re awesome! They definitely give great motivation for me to work out more and also eat better.

I know these apps are definitely Apple approved, but I’m sure they are on Android too. Best of all, all but one is free! So here they are. Now get your body moving!


  1. Fitbit App: This is my favorite fitness app out of the 5. It lets you log all your daily workouts and exercise and also helps you count calories. I know there are many apps out there (a few I’ve used) that help you count calories, but this one makes searching your foods much easier. This app helps you log steps, miles, and calories burned. You can log your water intake as well, and manage your weight. This app is free!
  2. Cody App: The cody app is almost like finding workouts on Pinterest. This app lets you track your progress and training and lets you browse other exercise programs from experts.  You can also follow people doing similar workouts and have people comment on your progress to help give you more motivation. This app is also free.
  3. Human App: This app is very cool. It automatically logs all your running, bike riding or walking for you. Also, it alerts you every half hour you have been working out to let you know you’ve reached your milestones. Just keep your phone in your bag or your pocket and go about your day. Again, this app is free!
  4. NFL Play 60 App: This app is great for those who love the Wii, Xbox Kinect, or those who are a bit of a kid at heart. It’s so fun! It turns your phone into a video game just by holding it in your hand. You can run, jump, dodge obstacles all by just holding the phone in your hand. Believe it or not this app is free! It can also be a great way to entertain children and give them exercise.
  5. The Walk App: This app is a lot of fun as well. This app is the only one on the list that is not free, but at the same time it’s only $2.99. It’s great fun so definitely worth the money. It’s a game and a story of traveling around the UK trying to solve a mystery. It’s a pedometer that is also an adventure. Easy way to exercise and stay busy while having fun.

Sometimes I need a little motivation to get me going to the gym, and these fitness apps are a great help. They’re great too if you don’t have time to go to they gym. You’ll feel awesome knowing you got a bit of exercise in for the day. Are there any more fitness apps out there that you love? Please let us know! We’d also enjoy feedback on these apps as well!


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