How to Use Your Flat Iron and Curling Iron the Right Way

Posted on Jan 24 2014 - 11:27pm by girlyadmin

No girl wants to ruin their hair. There are ways to watch out for your hair and to help take care of it. We all know no matter what, curling and flat ironing your hair can do some damage. So why not try and limit that damage.  Here’s a list of some dos  and don’ts for curling and flat ironing your hair.

Don’t put a hot curling iron or flat iron on damp hair. Even if the iron says it can be used on wet hair, don’t do it!

Do watch the way you curl your hair. Most girls have curling patterns and stick to it every time they do their hair (I know I do. Oops!) Try to change it up a bit. Curl some pieces away from your face and some towards it. This can help make your face look more flattering by showing more of your neck.

Don’t flat iron the same piece of hair twice. Going over it twice can be pretty damaging to the hair and it doesn’t really help it anyways. Just go a little slower if need be.

Do use mousse or straitening balm. Mousse for curls balm for flat ironing. Using mousse in the beginning will help you use less hairspray in the end which can make our hair extra sticky. Straightening balm will help keep the hair straight and protect it.

Don’t have your curling iron or flat iron on the highest setting right from the beginning. Start at a lower setting and adjust the heat slowly if you need it.

These tips should definitely help keep your hair healthy and looking absolutely awesome. Any other amazing tips anyone has please let us know!

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