Watching your Weight When Dining Out… Eat Less with Ease

Posted on Apr 8 2014 - 5:08pm by girlyadmin

When I head out for dinner and I’m watching my weight, I go online before I leave and check out their menu. This gives me an idea before hand on what would suit my needs as far as staying within my range on losing a few extra pounds. Of course a lot of restaurants before you order will serve bread, chips, etc… I simply will  not munch before hand, but will fill up on water with a lemon. That seems to satisfy my urge to munch. The water fills me up!

Those extra splurges before dinner can throw your focus off when it’s time to order your meal. If I choose to splurge a bit on a meal, I limit my meal to only one item like french fries that is rich in fat and carbs along with lean protein like fish and veggies. Customizing your meal to fit your needs will help you stay on track when trying to lose those few extra pounds.

Many times I’ll order a burger without the bun or a salad with the dressing in a small cup on the side. This limits the intake of calories.

I used to gobble and eat fast. Now I take my time and eat slowly. Taking it slow, you’ll naturally eat less. This satisfies my urge on nibbling over extra leftover food from family or friends.

Lastly, remember not to drink your calories. Beer can really back a punch to your caloric intake. Wine isn’t too bad, but can still cause a small hit. Also sweet, sugary, fruity drinks are high in sugar and calories. Don’t forget soda is the worst! Even diet sodas. Definitely stay away from soda.

Just a few suggestions that I have learned on eating out and sticking to watching my weight to help shed those few extra pounds and inches. Bon Appetit!

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