Quick Tip: Water Your Plants Using Ice

Posted on Jun 25 2014 - 6:47pm by girlyadmin

Plants, indoor or out need to be watered for sure. Why not water your plants using ice? I always misplace my watering can for my indoor and outdoor plants.

While I was on the phone with a friend, she suggested I toss in a few ice cubes on top of the plant. I thought, “Really?” I had never heard of this method of watering plants. So I did a search to see if this method really works. Yes it does! Indoor or outdoor plants, you can use ice cubes for both. I found a helpful article about watering plants with ice cubes. Just click this link!

Watering my plants with ice is definitely a method I’ll be using a lot. It does the job of watering your plants and is so very convenient. I say two thumbs up, two green thumbs that is!


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