Half Up/Half Down Wedding Hairstyles

Posted on Jan 28 2015 - 10:00am by girlyadmin

Now that I’ve got my own wedding to plan, I’ve been thinking a lot about different wedding hairstyles.

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I’ve always known I wanted my hair half up/half down, but never knew just how I wanted it. I found 4 beautiful wedding hairstyles that all brides should definitely consider. The first one is my favorite and probably the one I’ll be choosing for my big day.

Here are the gorgeous styles!

This first (my favorite) is considered the classic half up/half down of the wedding hairstyles. Beautiful curls or waves and a small “pouf” pinned up. I just love it!

photo source: carliestatsky.com

photo source: carliestatsky.com

This next look is similar, but “pumped up” a bit more with a slightly bigger pouf. Try it with a half pony.

The third look to add to your wedding hairstyles is the braid. Add a braid to create the half up/half down look to make it flirty, fun and casual.

The last hairstyle is very boho chic. Add some flowers to your look to compliment your hair and the flowers in your wedding! This is another one of my favorites since we may have an ocean wedding. A lovely flower would go well with my theme.

Photo Source: jacshoot.com

Photo Source: jacshoot.com

Those are just 4 lovely wedding hairstyles! Click here to see even more beautiful examples of each one!